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Lord of the Rings Adventure – 2 sites tour including 2 landings

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Flight: 60 min / Experience: 2 h 30 min
Depart from Motueka Airport
Price 2 people: $849 pp
Price 3+ people: $599 pp
Tour Details

Whether you’re an avid Lord of the Rings fan or not, experiencing the powerful scenery featured in the trilogy will completely captivate your senses. This tour will transport you over legendary landscapes, remote wilderness, primeval terrain onto specific locations where Hobbits dared to tread.

The outlandish natural beauty, seemingly destined to impact the silver screen as a backdrop in Peter Jackson’s highly acclaimed portrayal, is even more breathtaking up close and personal. Just watch out for the Orcs!

Flying to Mt Owen, at the southern end of the Kahurangi National Park, we will view the film sites from The Lord of the Rings and The Fellowship of the Ring, where the depleted Fellowship were filmed escaping from the horrors of Moria.

Flying through to Mt Olympus, appropriately named with its rocky outcrops twisted and cracked into unbelievable columnar shapes sprouting from the side of the mountain, we view where the Fellowship hid from Saruman’s Crebain. We then fly to Canaan Downs where the Hobbits are lead by Aragorn into the Chetwood
Forest northeast of Bree.

Two-Site Tour of South of Rivendell (Mount Olympus) and Chetwood Forest (Canaan Downs).